5 Innovative Initiatives Transforming Education in Africa

We live in exciting times where our daily lives are dominated by innovation. The education landscape is also gradually changing as new inventions and new ways of teaching become the norm. It’s worth noting that innovation does not only mean technology, but it encompasses any creative, new way of doing things. If it improves learning,

REPORT: Agriculture Feeding Africa’s Economic Transformation

Rural areas are poised to be a significant economic driver in developing countries. According to the latest 2017 State of Food and Agriculture report by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), the key to achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development are transforming rural communities and promoting agriculture. “Since the 1990s, rural transformations in

Ola Orekunrin Managing Director, The Flying Doctors

  Logistics is one of the greatest problems in global health. Often when a person becomes ill, the help they require is available somewhere but they are unable to access it in time. Many people die because they are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. My youngest sister, Busola, was 12 years-old

African Health Leader: Dr Maxwel Okoth

My name is Dr. Maxwel Okoth.  I’m a medical doctor by profession, Founder & CEO of Ruai Family Hospital.  Ruai Family Hospital is a private projected hospital in Kenya that offers quality affordable healthcare.  We thrive to make healthcare accessible, affordable, and at the same time provide quality to the people in the lower mass

Top Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

The past year has been one of economic progress for Nigeria, with Africa’s largest economy managing to crawl back into growth territory in the second quarter of 2017. The Nigerian government has realised that they need to make the country as attractive and lucrative as possible for offshore investors to bring their capital, skills and

Powering Zambia’s First Robotics Team

Sela Kasepa attended her first semester at Harvard University in August last year. Just months prior, the 21-year-old was mulling over her education, uncertain of her future plans. That changed after watching a CNN insert featuring the first Pan African Robotics competition founded by Dr. Sidy Ndao. Kasepa was captivated. That same evening she took a